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Arctic Sound Bluetooth P311 Verde

Marca: Arctic
EAN/UPC: 872767004634

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Auricular Bluetooth de color verde, compatible con portátiles, PCs, móviles, MP3, ...y con productos Apple. Conéctelos a su dispositivo vía Bluetooth y disfrute de un sonido de alta calidad sin cables. Ideal también para telefonía por internet.
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No encontramos ante uno de los auriculares Bluetooth más versátiles del mercado, ya que son compatibles con tu portátil, tu PC, tu móvil, con Ipod e Itouch y hasta quizás, tu MP3.

Gracias a sus cinco botones de función, integrada en los auriculares en la parte derecha hace realidad que pueda tener un control total sobre su música.

Podrá sincronizar su Arctic Sound P311 a su móvil y si le entra una llamada mientras escucha música, le avisará para controlar la entrada de llamadas, volumen y otras funciones básicas, directamente con el auricular.

Es ideal también para telefonía por Internet. Conecte su Arctic Sound a su PC o portátil vía Bluetooth y disfrute de un sonido de alta calidad sin cables.

Además si su equipo no cuenta con conexión bluetooth, las Dongle USB UD1 y UD2 de Arctic Cooling son el complemento perfecto. Con estos adaptadores podrás acceder a redes bluetooth a través de un puerto USB, eliminando el uso de cables o la instalación de dispositivos internos.

Gracias a su poco peso y comodidad es ideal para su uso prolongado e incluso mientras práctica según que deporte.


* Conexión Bluetooth.
* Compatible con productos Apple.
* Cómodos y ligeros.
Datos Generales
Supra-aural, para nuca
Bluetooth V2.1+EDR Class 2
Calidad del sonido
    Respuesta: 18Hz - 22KHz
      Distorsión harmónica: 0,1%
Ratio señal/ruido: 95dB
 - batería recargable de 400mAH de Li-Polymer con 20 horas de autonomía
 - Recarga mediante conexión USB

  1. Publicado el: 28/07/12

    P311 certainly is much better than your average Bluetooth stereo headset, which is most likely due to the size of the drivers. The headset’s response is good across the entire frequency range, with relatively good bass and crystal clear treble.

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  2. Publicado el: 16/05/12

    Si estás pensando en unos nuevos auriculares, ten en cuenta los P311 de Arctic Sound, ya que son una grandísima opción.

    Más información

  3. Publicado el: 04/04/12

    The Arctic P311 is a very comfortable headset with good sound, it is very easy to connect and use.

    Más información

  4. Publicado el: 03/02/12

    The P311 is a pleasant surprise giver the price at which it is marketed. The sound quality is really good and it can be stored in a pocket which makes it useful in case of need.

    Más información

  5. Publicado el: 05/01/12

    The P311 is simply fantastic! Not only by the sound quality, but also for practical and hands-free and as a small media controller! Together with the long battery life, we give it the N3D Recommended award.

    Más información

  6. Publicado el: 02/01/12

    The P311 is very comfortable and lightweight! I could wear this for hours without worrying about it will fall off It produced a decent amount of bass and was a lot better than middle of the road chat headsets. The function keys and long battery life is extremely suitable for active user and joggers. Together with its low price tag, it is a fantastic headset for the price, even when compared to other $50 to $75 headset. We give it the gold award.

    Más información

  7. Publicado el: 02/01/12

    Talking on the headset has no interfering transmissions, and good isolation. We agree in this price range, the P311’s sound quality can be rated as 4 out of 5 points as displayed on the package. Setup is easy, just plug and you’re ready to go, this headset we could find no complaints and this fulfill our complete satisfaction.

    Más información

  8. Publicado el: 23/11/11

    ARCTIC has thought about the sound aspect and offers a capable Bluetooth and software combination to allow up to three of their P311 headsets to be connected at once, allowing three people to view a movie together or listen to music without disturbing anyone. This actually works extremely well.

    Más información

  9. Publicado el: 13/11/11

    The P311 is really an excellent headset. The sound reproduction is really good and also very elegant in design. The long battery life of 20 hours definitely surprised me and very comfortable to use for long hours. With a price competitive of only 29 EUR, we give it a silver award.

    Más información

  10. Publicado el: 03/11/11

    This model no listening fatigue after long sessions, indicating that no portion of the audio band out.

    Más información

  11. Publicado el: 19/09/11

    The P311 performed well in the tests and really impressed in both the range and sound quality tests. It outperforms in increased ranges without any real loss in sound quality or responsiveness. The sound quality was also surprising, for a battery powered device we weren’t expecting anything particularly impressive but it was really good actually. At a price tag of £18, we give it 9/10 Silver Award for its great value for money.

    Más información

  12. Publicado el: 16/08/11

    P311 really caution my attention. Its padded ear pads make the headset very comfortable to be used for long period of time. The sound quality was excellent, with highs being excellent and good kick-bass. Together with the amazing 20 hours of active using, it is the product I would recommend to buy it!

    Más información

  13. Publicado el: 04/07/11

    The P311 can be summed up in one word. “Impressive”. It gives the user outstanding sound quality for the size, as well as battery life that will exceed that of your iPod or other battery powered Bluetooth media device. The P311 offers comfort, portability, sound quality all at the really affordable price of only $40 AUD. If you are looking for a Bluetooth headset for your iPhone or Android device, then look no further than the P311.

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  14. Publicado el: 15/05/11

    The P311 is an easily portable Bluetooth headphone which is great for sports and outdoor activities. Light and comfortable, it offers a generous battery life. Considering the very affordable price tag, P311 does not disappoint us for its sound quality.

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  15. Publicado el: 25/04/11

    For those who don’t have a Bluetooth enabled computer, Arctic also sell a very small USB dongle which will allow you to use the headset with any PC. This is very compact, protruding only a couple of millimeters from the USB port so is ideal for use with a laptop on the go.

    Más información

  16. Publicado el: 22/04/11

    The audio quality in the ARCTIC SOUND P311 is far better than I had expected with good bass and clear mids/highs. The built-in microphone worked like a charm and picked up even the slightest whisper. The wireless range is equally good and with its lightweight construction, it is comfortable even after long hours of use. With the extremely tempting price tag, it is simply too good to be true for a Bluetooth headset.

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  17. Publicado el: 22/03/11

    ARCTIC SOUND P311 offers a good build quality and sound at an unbelievably low price. The ARCTIC SOUND P311 was able to convince us, in terms of comfort, ergonomics, and performance. The sound quality of the microphone amazed us as it was able to capture our voice clearly even we were in a noisy setting.

    Más información

  18. Publicado el: 13/02/11

    The P311 is a plain and simple, yet solid product. Flawless operation, great range, and possibly most importantly, they sound good too. The playback control works great and you can control everthing with a single push. It also works great for phone calls and Skype as well and with 20 hours of continuous usage on a single charge. Along with a nice travel case, it has become one of my favorite gadgets.

    Más información

  19. Publicado el: 29/01/11

    ARCTIC Sound P311 is a very handy Bluetooth headset because it is equipped with all the necessary functions. It is a really comfortable headset as it is extremely lightweight. With a price point set at £20, we will definitely recommend ARCTIC Sound P311 to anyone looking for a decent Bluetooth headset on a budget.

    Más información

  20. Publicado el: 21/12/10

    The ARCTIC SOUND P311 is the most comfortable I have found in this type of products. They are easy to work with - they connected to my Android phone quickly and reliably. As a phone headset, it supports voice dialing, etc. like many other hands-free systems. I found the voice quality to be OK- somewhat better than other earpieces and the speakerphone on my phone.

    Más información

  21. Publicado el: 01/12/10

    The ARCTIC Sound P311 bluetooth headset gives a secure fit and offers a dual function: a hands-free headset and headphones for media playback. The compact and light device is an interesting travel companion for smartphone and notebook users. At a price of US$ 37.95, it is a real bargain and receives our amazing value and silver award.

    Más información

  22. Publicado el: 14/11/10

    The ARCTIC SOUND P311 carries an MSRP of $37.95, making it one of the more affordable stereo Bluetooth headsets on the market today. The collapsible design is handy and the comfortable “sport style” configuration. The earpieces are well padded and quite comfortable too. If you want a cheap stereo Bluetooth headset for some music, these are adequate.

    Más información

  23. Publicado el: 11/11/10

    The ARCTIC SOUND P311 Bluetooth headset is compact and lightweight. The ear cups are very good and soft which is very comfortable. The sound quality is excellent for such a small and compact headset with supra-aural design. For less than USD $40 you get some amazing audio quality, and that is some excellent value, easily earning our recommendation. We give it ”great value” award.

    Más información

  24. Publicado el: 01/11/10

    We especially like the ARCTIC P311 because of its Bluetooth technology. It is compatible with any electronic devices that support Bluetooth, such as laptops, Mp3 players, and mobile phones. It is very quick and easy to set up as well. We give this product our Bronze medal.

    Más información

  25. Publicado el: 26/10/10

    The ARCTIC SOUND P311 is a well-made Bluetooth headset, in terms of its design and function. The soft pads and ear cup style offer great comfort and secure fit, even when doing sport. It has good bass, crisp highs, decent volume, and noise elimination. The MSRP is US&37.95 which is a great price and we’ve given it our “Value Award” and 7.5/10 score.

    Más información

  26. Publicado el: 18/10/10

    ARCTIC Sound P311 offers good sound quality, battery life and packed with some nice features, such as stylish design and comfortable enough for extended use. They do exactly what they are set to do. Considering the price is so competitive, they are excellent value for money! The ARCTIC Sound P311 would be ideal for you to stay connected to your music and calls while jogging or doing excercises in the gym.

    Más información

  27. Publicado el: 17/09/10

    We could not be happier with the ARCTIC SOUND P311 Bluetooth headphones. For the price range that they are in, they would have to be one of the top performing headphones. We certainly have not heard anything better for the price.

    Más información

  28. Publicado el: 15/09/10

    Our three testers were stunned to learn that the retail price for the ARCTIC SOUND P311 is under $40 US. They expected the cost to be around of $80. The consensus MyMac Review Rating for the ARCTIC SOUND P311 is a hearty 8 out of 10 recommendation. At this price, they agreed, you should buy two units and keep one in reserve or give it as a gift.

    Más información

  29. Publicado el: 14/09/10

    ARCTIC Sound P311 offers good sound quality, terrific battery life, some nice bonus features and a stylish design that is comfortable enough for extended use. For 31.95 € / US$ 37.95 the ARCTIC Sound P311 bluetooth headset is a must buy for people who love music and love the ease of wireless technology. WCCFtech Rating 5/5.

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  30. Publicado el: 07/09/10

    We will recommend ARCTIC Sound P311 to anyone. It is a very fitted for daily use, such as listening MP3 from your mobile phone and managing calls in office. Its high-quality reception and transmission allow us to continue a call when we stood 95m apart from the mobile phone!

    Más información

  31. Publicado el: 30/08/10

    For only $38USD, ARCTIC SOUND P311 is definitely worth the money since it contains great features and outstanding performance. Last but not least let‘s keep our eyes on ARCTIC SOUND and hopefully it will continue to amaze us.

    Más información

  32. Publicado el: 24/08/10

    The ARCTIC SOUND P311 stereo Bluetooth headset is fantastic for value no matter which way you slice it. It will perform admirably as a mobile headset for talking on the phone or listening to music. It sounds great either way.

    Más información

  33. Publicado el: 23/08/10

    The longer I use the ARCTIC SOUND P311, the more I appreciate its multifunction capabilities. Simply connect it with a Bluetooth device - you can enjoy the music. The product works in the immediate vicinity of the sender perfectly, even in the next room. It makes a good pair with cellphones and smartphones as well.

    Más información

  34. Publicado el: 26/07/10

    If you own a device that supports A2DP stereo bluetooth, I highly recommend the ARCTIC Sound P311 headphones. The audio quality is probably now my best headphone option now and call quality is great without having to mess with a microphone. The most amazing part of this unit is the price for all of the quality. The ARCTIC Sound P311 headphone retails for $37.95.

    Más información