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Arctic Audio Relay

Marca: Arctic
EAN/UPC: 872767004870

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Emisor de audio Wi-fi o Ethernet. Incluye puertos USB, Mini-USB, SPDIF, Stereo RCA.
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Arctic Cooling Audio Relay es un receptor/emisor, con el que podremos trasmitir música desde el teléfono móvil o PC o nuestro estéreo o altavoces sin pérdidas en la calidad de audio.

Conectando mediante Wifi nuestro teléfono móvil o PC al Audio Relay podremos examinar las listas de reproducción y pistas de música alojadas en ellos, y reproducirlas en cualquier lugar de nuestro hogar.

Puede ser usado simultáneamente por varias personas, ya que Audio Relay actuará como un jukebox con una única biblioteca para organizar y mantener. Podremos utilizar el teléfono móvil para crear listas de reproducción, buscar o reproducir música, en una habitación, mientras otra persona hace lo mismo en otra habitación distinta. De esta manera todo el mundo disfrutará de su música en cualquier momento.

Con la aplicación Remote AR para dispositivos móviles, podremos por ejemplo, seleccionar una lista de reproducción de nuestro PC y hacer que se reproduzca en los altavoces de una determinada habitación. Conseguiremos sacar el máximo partido a nuestra red doméstica.

Audio Relay es compatible con todos los formatos de audio principales como son: MP3, AAC, WAV y WMA.

La instalación de Audio Relay es rápida y sencilla, tan sólo lo tendremos que conectar a nuestra red Wifi y podremos disfrutar de la diversión de navegar por nuestra música favorita.


* Conexión Wi-Fi.
* Puede ser usado por varias personas a la vez.
* Alta compatibilidad con los diferentes formatos de audio.
* Puede ser usado por varias personas al mismo tiempo.
* Con la app Remote AR para el móvil podremos reproducir música del PC en cualquier lugar.
* Puede complementarse con el Artic Cooling MC001.
* Instalación rápida y fácil.
Datos Generales
802.11 b/g
Formatos de audio
1 x RCA estéreo
1 x USB (para la configuarcion WCN)
1 x Mini USB
1 x RJ45
1 x Antena Wi-Fi
Windows XP / Vista / 7 / MacOS X / Linux
DC 5V 600mA (cable y adaptador USB incluido)

Ancho x Alto x Fondo
152mm x 70mm x 24mm

  1. Publicado el: 11/03/13

    Audio Relay is the easiest way to enjoy your music without a MediaCenter or TV. It's also a perfect solution accompanied by a media server UPnP / DLNA and the tablet or smartphone can act as display / remote control.

    Más información

  2. Publicado el: 13/10/12

    The idea for this device is simply awesome. You can access your music from your computers in another room on a home theatre system. Music quality is good and you do not loose quality over the wireless connection.

    Más información

  3. Publicado el: 13/09/12

    Playback starts almost immediately, without annoying delay noise or any kind of interference, even when connecting multiple devices to the same network.

    Más información

  4. Publicado el: 04/07/12

    The Arctic Audio Relay is very convincing by its simple start-up and flexibility

    Más información

  5. Publicado el: 03/05/12

    This wireless media extender gives you a good opportunity to enjoy entertainment everywhere at home.

    Más información

  6. Publicado el: 20/04/12

    Highly specialized, and only consumes little power (max 3W) for energy saving. It is well made, easy to use and contains some interesting solutions with the remote app.

    Más información

  7. Publicado el: 10/04/12

    The Arctic Audio Relay does exactly what it promises, without losing the sound quality. The setup is easy and quick because of the good instructions.

    Más información

  8. Publicado el: 15/03/12

    Playing music goes without reservation, the quality was very good. We have not noticed any, even one cutting and minimal disruption, even though we used a cheap, universal router. Operation is simple and best use for this standard Windows Media Player.

    Más información

  9. Publicado el: 07/03/12

    A very interesting device that represents a new direction of the company ARCTIC. several songs can be played completely independent from multiple files in the multiple transmitters, creating in each room of the house, their own unique atmosphere. Audio Relay also has a very high quality and implemented a mobile application that allows you to start playing music.

    Más información

  10. Publicado el: 22/02/12

    A very good idea fo home audio system and its compatibility with both Android and IOS. Its compact size and light weight makes it easy to fit in anywhere at home. Easy configuration makes it very easy to use and using windows media player meaning no extra programme needs to be installed for this product.

    Más información

  11. Publicado el: 19/02/12

    Audio Relay supports analog and digital transmission over a Wi-Fi or wired network, with a good range, high sound quality and a continuous transmission without interruption.

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  12. Publicado el: 16/02/12

    The clean-and-simple look of audio relay is perfect for the job expected from the DLNA audio renderer, it possible to run the DMR pulling power from a home theater PC (HTPC), or really any device that supplies enough juice on a USB port, even when the PC is in standby. So it is refreshing to find an audio renderer like the ARCTIC Audio Relay which delivers a simple solution that is easy to setup and use.

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  13. Publicado el: 12/02/12

    The Audio Relay is small enough to fit just about anywhere within your entertainment system. More importantly, it sips just under 4 watts of power. Not only does this save on energy bills, it also gives users the option to run the Audio Relay from a powered USB port.The device is quite reasonably priced and Arctic has given buyers a great deal of flexibility in the setup process.

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  14. Publicado el: 06/02/12

    One feature that I feel really sets this device out above the others is the concurrent music playback which allows multiple users to play music in different rooms at the same time.

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